I thought to myself “why don’t I have a blog?”

So after being asked several times if I had a blog, I thought to myself “why don’t I have a blog?” So here it is.

Often it can be difficult to find more practical examples and instructions for production tools and asset development as the world of TDs is encumbered by legality and non-disclosure typically associated with working in a studio. I hope to provide some insight to some techniques via pet projects and free time scripting and experiments. Hopefully this will help students, hobbyists, and other professionals who are trying to learn a little more about Houdini in addition to showcasing some personal work.

This is my first venture into the blogosphere so its likely to change somewhat , but the consistent themes will be Houdini, related software and techniques, and some general 3D CG.

Some initial intended uses of this space will be to:

  • log some what I am currently working on both in dev and in software
  • share my own professional news as well as general Houdini news
  • offer tips & tricks for both Houdini RnD and artist use
  • offer instructional entries for those researching or learning
  • share some tools from my personal arsenal with hopefully some explanation

Of course these are just my initial intentions and as time goes on I expect it evolves. So, welcome! … glad to have you along for the ride.


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