Working Netboxes: part 4 — On the Shelf.

A little documentation on the provided shelf tools and use…..
eyevexTools ver0.3.0 netbox shelfPick Up : Picks up under-nodes and includes them in the network box. Three use scenerios:

    • Only network boxes selected: all net boxes pick up all respective under-nodes
    • Only nodes selected: selected nodes are picked up by the network boxes above them
    • Mixed network boxes/nodes: selected nodes are picked up IF the network box above them is also selected — selected netboxes pick up selected nodes exclusive.

Drop: Drops a node in a network box to beneath. Usage scenerios are similar to Pick Up

Grow To: Grows the network box to include specified nodes. Select a single network box and nodes then press.

Move To: Moves nodes to inside a network box. Nodes do not need to be at the same hierarchical level, only of the same context (i.e. Sops). Select a single network box, nodes in one or more neteditors, and press. Layout flagged on by default.

Merge: Merge the contents of multiple Netboxes. Similar to Move To, but only network boxes are operated on. A Dailog open to select which network box is the destination.

Custom Color: Set a network box to a custom non-swatch color. Select network boxes and press button, in dialog enter RGB float values and press the ‘set color’ button. (0.05, 0, 0.1 makes a nice deep purple.)

Pick Up All: all network boxes on all open networkeditor panes pickup all their respective under-nodes. Just press it and it goes.

Layout: layout, sizes and and organizes the contents of network boxes. Select netboxes and press. Takes into account under-nodes by default

**NOTE (again)  : A word of precaution. The layout shelf tool allow multiple selected netboxes to be operated on in a single click. Layout does its best to recenter the resized netbox. As a result it can inadvertantly overlap with another box. In such cases an under-node can get “passed” from one box to a subsequant netbox being operated on, that detects it beneath it as well. Care should be taken when running on multple netboxes in close proximately to each other.

….Thats about it, hope a few people got something out of this feedback is always welcome.


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