Looking Through: part 6 — Whats Included

This series of posts looked very closely at Camera and Light node types and how to write a function that does its best to determine likely matches to the viewport transform matrix in order to determine what object node is being looked through.

The functions described are now included in ui.py 0.2.0 and ui.py is now included in eyevexTools 0.4.0 with the usual comments and doc strings. As an extra convieniance the following function were added, simply calling viewportObjects() with various flags set….

  • viewportLights() – additionally flags off all camera types
  • viewportCameras() – additioanlly flags off all light types
  • viewportStereoCameras() – only stereocam and stereocamrig are flagged on
  • viewportStereoCameraRigs() – only stereocamrig is flagged on
  • viewportMonoCameras() – only camera is flagged on

Hopefully after reading this series a custom function could be easily built similar to viewportObjects() by calling viewportObjectsOfType() for your own custom camera or light types as well.

I would also like to thank James Fisher Lighting Guru for verifying some lighting practice info for these posts.

….Thats about wraps this up. As usual, if you have questions, feedback, or bugs found drop me a message.

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