Step-by-step Guide: Houdini Engine Plugin & Unreal 4.25 Compile Source

An video tutorial! So many great advances in allowing UE4  and Houdini to work together, it would be a shame to not have it all in Linux where a lot of the VFX world happens.

Step-by-step detailed guide taking viewer through process of compiling Unreal Engine 4.25 (UE4); installing and licensing Houdini; building Houdini Plugin for Unreal Engine from github source; licensing the engine and obtaining, loading and testing a Houdini Digital Asset (HDA or OTL) inside of Unreal editor via the HOudini Engine engine plugin. Tutorial is on ubuntu 18 LTS and KDE with notes for RHEL and CENTOS

Common issues explored such as OpenGL4 vs Vulkan, plugin source to compile against a different Houdini build and using assets of compatable licenses.